The site is about the Apell cover version of the Neil Young song Don’t Let it Bring You Down from his album After the Goldrush. This cover version is produced in a breaks, downtempo drum n bass style and this gave the song a double time feel over the slower moving chords and melody.

The cover is sung by Rachael Hawkins who can also be heard on another Apell track Tomorrow. Her voice suits the Massive Attack / Lamb / Portishead production style of the Neil Young classic. Another feature of the song are the layers of bass guitars using the Digitech Synth Wah pedal to create synth like lines from the long sustained notes following the chord changes to the busier funkier riffs. Check out the music video for this cover of Neil Young’s Don’t Let It Bring You Down.

Listen to a sample of the Don't Let It Bring You Down cover.






Apell’s cover version of Don’t Let It Bring can be downloaded on iTunes. Apell - Reconstituted - Don't Let It Bring You Down