Other Cover Versions of Don’t Let It Bring You Down

Annie Lennox
Annie Lennox of Eurhythmics fame recorded a cover of Neil Young’s Don’t Let It Bring You Down on her 1995 album Medusa which also included covers of songs by Bob Marley and the Clash. Her version is actually similar to the Apell version in its uses of a lush synth landscape minus the beats. It is more of an ambient version. I’ve even heard it being played while shopping at my local supermarket!

Alexa Ray Joel
Billy Joel’s daughter features her cover version of the song on her Sketches EP. It is done in and indie pop/rock sound and is really well mixed with a nice big natural drum sound and beefy bass and grungy guitars. Her voice may be a little too “pop” for the sound of the backing music but it still seems to blend well enough for me.

Andy Cowan
Fellow Australian Andy is one of Australia's foremost rhythm and blues vocalists/instrumentalists. His version of Don’t let It Bring You Down features his piano and deep bluesy voice. It has a slight jazz feel with the brushes on the drums and some tenor sax solos over the instrumental breaks between the chorus and the verses.

Upper left Trio
This jazz trio consisting of paino electric fretless bass and drums have been described as midpoint between the Oscar Peterson Trio and Medeski, Martin, and Wood. Their cover of the Neil Young song features clever and classy revoicing of the chords in the song and some tasteful fretless bass and brush work on the drums.

Listen to a sample of the Don't Let It Bring You Down cover.

Apell’s cover version of Don’t Let It Bring can be downloaded on iTunes. Apell - Reconstituted - Don't Let It Bring You Down