Don't Let It Bring You Down Lyrics

The lyrics in Neil Young’s Don’t It bring You Down can be interpreted to have many meanings from the straightforward interpretation of people ignoring problems in society and not letting them “bring you down” to the view the castles burning are a symbol of the old establishment and to find someone who is turning is to join the progressive protest movement of the time in the early 70s. There is a great discussion on the meaning of the lyrics in this Neil Young songe. her

Neil’s later tunes were a lot less cryptic. A perfect example of this is Let’s Impeach the President. While there is no denying his passion in this tune it lacks the craft and poetry of earlier songs like Don’t Let It Bring You Down. Maybe he feels that time is running out for subtleties.

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Apell’s cover version of Don’t Let It Bring can be downloaded on iTunes. Apell - Reconstituted - Don't Let It Bring You Down