Neil Young Cover Production

This cover of Neil Young’s Don’t let It Bring You Down was recorded using Cakewalk Sonar. The beats used in the track consist of a separate kick, snare, hi-hats and a drum n bass loop.

The kick, snare and hats create a solid rhythmic base while the busier drum n bass loop is chopped up to create the syncopated jungle influenced breaks. There are two rests in the beats one at the start of the 2nd verse and another at the start of the coda.

The rest of the instruments in this cover version include synths and 2 bass guitar parts. The synths are used as sustained pads to create a lush wall of sound throughout the song. Another feature of the song are the 2 bass guitars using the Digitech Synth Wah pedal to create synth like lines from the long sustained notes following the chord changes to the busier funkier riffs. The busy funky bass part has a slight amount of delay set to the tempo of the song.

Some of this delay is added to the drums towards the end of the song to build it to a final climax.

The vocals are performed on the Neil Young cover by Rachael Hawkins who can also be heard on an earlier Apell track Tomorrow. Her vocals also have a slight mount of delay added to give them some space. In the coda at the end of the song the vocals are layered in a round which brings a new direction for the end of the song.

Listen to a sample of the Don't Let It Bring You Down cover.

Apell’s cover version of Don’t Let It Bring can be downloaded on iTunes. Apell - Reconstituted - Don't Let It Bring You Down